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Slovakia is a country with a truly extraordinary number of curative springs. It also has extensive deposits of high-quality healing peat and mud. For a long time people have been taking advantage of these resources to cure a variety of diseases and ailments. If we tell you that in this little country there are one thousand one hundred and sixty registered mineral and thermal springs, you will get some idea of the enormous total healing capacity of these sites. Even Marcus Aurelius´ Roman legions tried out the thermal water and several of the better-known kupeles are visited every year by patients from many countries of the world.
kupeles, however, are just a part of the health and regeneration potential of Slovakia. They coincide with the healthy environment of Slovakia. To put it simply we will now introduce you to our health product, we named it Slovakotherapy:

  • Colourtherapy: the happy picture of the changing colours of nature will help you to overcome stress and forget about your everyday struggles
  • speleotherapy: in our superb range of caves you can admire the silent beauty of artpieces modelled by the forces of nature, you can breathe in the freshly moist air which has a power to relieve asthma
  • Aromatherapy: aromas of nature: grass in the summer meadows, the trees in the forests, the unpolluted water in the rivers are the smells of our vast and well protected nature, they will provide you with an escape from the polluted towns and cities
  • Balneotherapy: mud, peat, and mineral waters are the natural healers of our organism, they prevent illnesses and prolong your healthy life
Now you are probably asking where you can undertake such therapy. Well, let´s use the kupelece left on the page to outline some of our kupeles.

Spa in Slovak regions:

Bratislava region Trnava region Nitra region
Trencin region Zilina region Banska Bystrica region
Kosice region Presov region

T R N A V A     r e g i o n

City: Piestany
District: Piestany kupele Piestany kupele Piestany kupele Piestany
Region: Trnava
Tourist Region: Stredne Povazie

The Latin inscription underneath the statue of a man breaking his crutch declares that Piestany is the most healing kupele. The statue stands at the entrance to the colonnade bridge, which joins part of the town to the kupele island. It is there the oasis of health begins, thanks to the hot thermal springs and healing sulphureous mud. That, however, is by no means all this town has to offer. Although the thermal kupele is mentioned in 1551, it is probable that people had already taken advantage of its healing properties earlier.

The versatily equipped balneotherapeutic centre is attended by patients suffering from rheumatism and other diseases affecting organs of motion, for example those who have been injured recently or have undergone orthopedic operation. The principal indications cured in this kupele also comprise some neural diseases.

Curative resources of the Piestany kupele are hot sulphur springs and highly mineralized sulphur mud. The kupele treatment is appropriately combined with a wide range of hydrotherapeutic and electrotherapeutic procedures, rehabilitation exercises, massages, dietetic regime and occasional drug medication.

Although life in Piestany kupele is socially busier than patients were used to a hundred years ago, it is still a town with a relaxed atmosphere, there are plenty of green parks, with flower beds and many forms of amusement and recreation to choose from. The popular swimming pool named Eva, the extensive tennis courts and surrounding forests offer plentiful opportunities for rest and recreation. However, the largest area for sport and rest beside the water is provided by Slnava, an enormous artificial reservoir, which has beaches, a yachting club, a rowing and kayak club and other facilities.

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City: Smrdaky
District: Senica kupele Smrdaky kupele Smrdaky kupele Smrdaky
Region: Trnava
Tourist Region: Trnavsko

Smrdaky kupele is to be found in the hills of the Chvojnicka pahorkatina in western Slovakia, only 7 kilometres north-west of the county town of Senica. Its natural healing waters are unique in Europe on account of their high mineral content, which, in contrast to those of most kupeles, are not thermal, but cold. They have concentrations of chloride and sodium with a high sulphur content, while the local water contains an unusual amount of hydrocarbons and chloride. Skin diseases are treated here and disorders of the motor system. The sanatoriums and the remaining kupele buildings are in classical and Empire style, but in the course of their existence they have been altered and reconstructed a number of times.

The kupele was first mentioned in written records from the 16th century. The oldest of the kupele buildings dates back to 1832. The visitor can enjoy a number of cultural and social events known as the Zahoracke leto (Zahorie Summer), which lasts from June to the end of August. A number of pleasant hiking trails lead from Smrdaky kupele, mostly to the main ridge of the White Carpathians. Zahorie ("over the hills"), as the region where Smrdaky kupele is situated is called, has a large number of interesting historical sights and natural phenomena.

T R E N C I N     r e g i o n

City: Trencianske Teplice
District: Trencín Trencianske Teplice Trencianske Teplice Trencianske Teplice
Region: Trencin
Tourist Region: Turiec

"A pearl of the Carpathians" is what the author Jokai Mor called Trencianske Teplice more than a hundred years ago. This little kupele town lies culed up in the middle of a charming valley, through which runs a stream named Teplicka. Althoungh the hilly landscape of the surroundings of Trencianske Teplice contributes greatly to the charm of its position, it is also the reason for the existence of the thermal springs, as well as their chemical composition and physical properties. A wide range of sanatoriums, hotels, guest houses and other tourist facilities complete the excellent infrastructure of this kupele town - which is not just a town for patients with disorders of the motor system and post-traumatic conditions. This kupele is known for its tradition of maintaining a healthy environment, without the disturbing influence of industry. Trencianske Teplice is one of the few kupeles which have preserved the character purely of a kupele town, while at the same time the tourist seeking social life, sport and culture can find ideal opportunities for recreati

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City: Bojnice
District: Prievidza kupele Bojnice kupele Bojnice  kupele Bojnice
Region: Trencin
Tourist Region: Ponitrie

The town of Bojnice has a rich history, stretching back to the beginning of the 12th century, proof of which is provided by a number of architectural monuments, but its dominating landmark is Bojnice Castle. The first mention of the storne castle is from 1302 and it is said to have been built by Matus Cak. In the immediately surroundings of this witness to history there is a thermal kupele, which offers treatment for rheumatism, diseases of the joints and spine, as well as disorders following injuries and postoperative conditions. The healing springs have a temperature from 30 to 46 degrees Centigrade. Patients have at their disposal sanatoriums, tourist hotels and guest houses in Bojnice itself, or in the close vicinity.

Tourist attractions are the large Cajka ("Seagull") swimming pool, tennis courts, an indoor pool, a winter stadium and other sports facilities. The surroundings of Bojnice offer opportunities to enjoy not only the sport and recreation but also to learn abour history or simply to enjoy oneself. One example of this is the festival of ghosts at Bojnice Castle .

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Z I L I N A     r e g i o n

City: Nimnica
District: Puchov
Region: Zilina
Tourist Region: Stredne Povazie

Nimnica is now really part of Puchov, a well-known centre of the rubber industry and headquartes of Makyta, a company known for its fashionable ready-made clothing. The kupele is situated in a lovely natural setting beside the Nosice reservoir in the valley of the River Vah and at the foot of the Javorniky hills. Although there is an archeological site on this spot which proves that people have lived here from ancient times, the odest written reference to this locality dates from the beginning of the fifteen century. It was not until the 18th century, however, that people became aware of the existence of the mineral springs. The main spring was discovered only during the course of the construction works on the hydroelectric power project, when water fround to have remarkable healing effects spurted out from a depth of 172 metres. Nowadays Nimnica kupele treats diseases of the alimentary canal and metabolic disorders, as well as non-specific respiratory diseases. The surroundings of the kupele offer opportunities for hiking and for trips to the nearby town of Povazska Bystrica or to Zilina.

City: Rajecke Teplice
District: Zilina Rajecke Teplice Rajecke Teplice Rajecke Teplice
Region: Zilina
Tourist Region: Stredne Povazie

Not far from the important administrative, social and cultural centre of Zilina, in the valley of the little Rajcianka river in Zilinska kotlina, at the foot of the Sulovske skaly hills with their extraordinary rock formations, lies a kupele which attracts anyone looking for active recreation or the restoration of health.

Rajecke Teplice lies at a height of 415 metres above sea level, 6km from the little town Rajec. The first mention of the kupele dates from 1376 and the village grew up later. The thermal springs with a temperature of 39°C were discovered in the 14th century. Diseases of the motor system are treated here, as well as nervous and psychological disorders. In addition to the sanatoriums, private accommodation is available for tourists.

Apart from bathing in the thermal pools, which are open to the public, visitors who wish to combine medical treatment with recreation can visit a number of interesting places. One of these is Kunerad chateau, not far from Sulovske skaly, from where they can go on to see the ruins of Lietava Castle or to visit the resorts in the Mala Fatra mountains.

City: Turcianske Teplice
District: Turcianske Teplice Turcianske Teplice Turcianske Teplice Turcianske Teplice
Region: Zilina
Tourist Region: Turiec

This kupele is to be found within the town of the same name, which lies in the southwest part of the Turcianska kotlina valley and not far from the town of Martin. Turcianske Teplice is one of the oldest kupeles on the territory of Slovakia, as people began to take advantage of its healing effects as early as 1402. In spite of its position within the town, the sanatoriums and kupele facilities stand in their own grounds, which include an extensive park and a thermal bathing pool with curative water, very popular with visitors in the summer months. The kupele was established on account of the hot healing springs, whose temperature ranges from 40,7 to 46,5°C. The water here is used both for hydrotherapeutic procedures as well as for drinking cures.

Turcianske Teplice is the only kupele in Slovakia to treat diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. These are for the most part chronic inflammations of the bladder and urinary ducts, inflammations of the male reproductive organs and chronic inflammation of the prostate gland. The kupele has had considerable success in the treatment of diseases of the motor system, such as rheumatic inflammation of the joints, chronic, degenerative diseases, especially of the hip and knee joints, spinal diseases as well as post-traumatic deformations. Since 1993 children have also been successfully treated for the above-mentioned conditions.
However, the picturesque surroundings offer a pleasant stay not only for patients with serious health problems, but also for tourists who, in addition to sigtseeing, also want to do something preventively for their health.

City: Korytnica
District: Ruzomberok kupele Korytnica kupele Korytnica
Region: Zilina
Tourist Region: Liptov

The kupele lies in the territory of the Nizke Tatry National Park and therefore, besides the excellent curative Korytnica mineral water, the patients can also enjoy hiking in the nearby mountains. In winter, there is enough snow for winter sports. Korytnica kupele - kupele where stomach, duodenum, liver, gall-bladder, gall-duct, metabolism diseases like diabetes, iron-deficiency anaemia, and toxic liver damage are cured. Patients come here to regain their health after operations on small and large intestine, and stomach ulcer. Principal medical procedures comprise drinking mineral water and dietotherapy supplemented by a wide range of hydrotherapeutic and electrotherapeutic procedures along with movement exercises. The healing effects of the local alpine climate also have to be mentioned.

City: Lucky
District: Ruzomberok kupele Lucky kupele Lucky kupele Lucky
Region: Zilina
Tourist Region: Liptov

This is the only kupele in Slovakia focused, because of the charakter of their waters, on curing gynecologic diseases and infertility. Women that have undergone operations of mammary-gland tumours and gynecologic operations are also being cured here. The decisive factor of comprehensive therapy is curative gypsum and earthy mineral water containing natural carbon dioxide from the kupele spring whose temperature is 32°C. Bath and pool are used for the curing purposes. Balneotherapy is accompanied by hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, massage, poultices and special rehabilitation techniques. All the year round, the kupele treatment is available in modern-equipped medical facilities with comfortable accomodation and possibility to take part in cultural events.

B A N S K A    B Y S T R I C A     r e g i o n

City: Sklenne Teplice
District: Ziar nad Hronom kupele Sklenne Teplice kupele Sklenne Teplice kupele Sklenne Teplice
Region: Banska Bystrica
Tourist Region: Dolne Pohronie

The kupele of Sklene Teplice is situated fourteen kilometres from the town of Ziar nad Hronom in the valley of the Tepla stream, which runs through the Stiavnicke vrchy hills of Central Slovakia. The village derives its name (sklene = glass, teplica = thermal spring) from the glassworks which existed here from as long ago as 1340 and from the warm mineral springs which were first mentioned in a chronicle from the 16th century. The building of the kupele was begun in the 17th century and by the beginning of the 18th century it was one of the well-known kupeles in the territory of Slovakia. In 1786 the first international congress of geologists even took place here, the main theme being the sites of natural thermal waters.

The present kupele buildings - the sanatoriums and residential buildings - were for the most part built in classical style between 1835 and 1848. Nowadays this kupele with thermal waters from 52,5°C to 63°C serves for the treatment of diseases of the motor organs and nervous disorders. One remarkable feature is a thermal bathing pool in a cave, called Parenica. Within the grounds of the kupele there is a seimming pool with thermal water which is open to the public. There are also excellent conditions for walks, for example to Pusty hrad ("The Deserted Castle"), where you will also find the foundations of Teplice´s medieval castle, which ceased to exist in 1602.

District:Banska Bystrica
Region:Banska Bystrica
Tourist Region: Hrone Pohronie

Brusno kupele has been well-known since the beginning of the 19th century. Ti lies in the lovely mountainous region of Central Slovakia, at the foot of the northern slopes of Vepor mountain at a height of 424 metres above sea level. Its position determines its mild and warm, fairly damp foothill climate.

Patients are treated here for diseases of the gall bladder, bile ducts, liver and pancreas, as well as certain diseases of the motor organs. Treatment in Brusno kupele is based on its natural curative mineral water. Bathing in tempered mineral water in pools and bathtubs, combined with drinking doses of minieral water are the mainstay of the cures. Supplementary treatment takes the form of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, as well as medicamentary treatment and diet. The kupele´s location in a mountainous region offers attractive walks for visitors in their free time. Accommodation can be provided for patients in single or double rooms in the Polana and Paula sanatoriums. For those who come as tourists, though with the intention of taking advatage of the mineral waters, accommodation is available in private houses.

Thanks to its beautiful natural surroundings, Brusno is becoming a popular oasis for these seeking a rest. There are numerous marked footpaths leading into the countryside, such as those to a nearby picturesque valley

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City: Dudince
District: Krupina kupele Dudince kupele Dudince
Region: Banska Bystrica
Tourist Region: Poiplie

Dudince kupele is one of the youngest kupeles in Slovakia, it is one theat can offer the most all-round treatment and is therefore one of the most popular with patients from home and abroad who are suffering from diseases of the motor organs, cardiovascular disorders and less severe neurological disorders. The exceptionally beneficial mineral waters help in the treatment of as many as nine different kinds of illnesses.The earliest records of the village of Dudince date back to 1284 and the local springs were first used for medical purposes as early as the second half of the 19th century, but there were no facilities available. Its waters with a medium mineral content come out of the ground at a temperature of 30°C.

Visitors can go for walks into the countryside, there is suitable terrain for cyclists and facilities for tennis lovers. What is no doubt the most important thing, however, is that, thanks to its wide range of healing effects, Dudince is the ideal place not only for those who are ill and need medical care, but it is an ideal place for relaxation and for regeneration from the tiredness that accumulates throughout the year.

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City: Kovacova
District: Zvolen
Region: Banska Bystrica
Tourist Region: Horne Pohronie

At the foot of the Kremnica Hills, not far from the towns of Zvolen and Banska Bystrica, lies the Central Slovakian village of Kovacova, which also gave its name to the kupele, whose history stretches back to the middle of the 13th century. The natural healing waters of Kovacova kupele primarily serve patients suffering from diseases of the motor system and nervous disorders. However, patients who have had serious injuries are also treated here and there is a children´s sanatorium and the Marina Children´s Rehabilitation Institute. For patients, and even more so, for tourists, this kupele is particularly attractive because it has a very nice, well-equipped, thermal outdoor swimming pool, with four separate pools and grounds covering an area of 8 hectares (approx. 20 acres), surrounded by extensive wooded parkland. The temperature of the thermal springs is 48°C. Accommodation is available in private guest houses and lodgings, there is a large car park in front of the swimming pool and a marked hiking trail leads from here into the Kremnica Hills through valley known as Kovacova dolina.

City: Sliac
District: Zvolen Sliac
Region: Banska Bystrica
Tourist Region: Horne Pohronie

In the picturesque Zvolen Basin, only four kilometres from the town of Zvolen and fifteen from the metropolis of Central Slovakia, Banska Bystrica, lies the renowned kupele of Sliac. The earliest references to its mineral springs date back to 1244, but they were first used for healing purposes only much later - from 1657. The present kupele, which is undergoing a continuous process of modernization, serves to treat disorders of the circulatory system and has considerable success with the treatment of high blood pressure, ailments associated with our modern, stressful way of life, diseases of the cardiac muscle, chronic cardiorheumatic diseases as well as post-operative conditons. Sliac is famous for giving sick hearts new energy and the strength to continue to serve the patient. The thermal springs to be found here have a temperature of 33°C. The environs of Sliac offer ideal opportunities for walks in extensive parkland woods, and it is possible to go on undemanding hikes through the surrounding forests, but only after consulation with the doctor in charge. Apart from bathing in the outdoor pools, those whose state of health allows can also devote time to tennis, volleyball, shooting and angling, or attend a riding school and learn to ride a horse. In winter there are also skiing facilities available nearby.

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K O S I C E     r e g i o n

City: Stos
District: Kosice- okolie kupele Stos kupele Stos kupele Stos
Region: Kosice
Tourist Region: Kosice a okolie
City: Ciz
District: Rimavska Sobota kupele Stos kupele Stos kupele Stos
Region: Kosice
Tourist Region: Gemer

The Ciz kupele owes its origin to curative iodine-bromine springs which, combined with other medical cures, have achieved good results in curing diseases of organs of motion and peripheral vessels of both adults and children. A recently built accomodation and medical complex as well as reconstructed older buildings of typical architecture offer accomodation and complex kupele treatment of good quality.

P R E S O V     r e g i o n

City: Vysne Ruzbachy
District: Stara Ľubovňa kupele Ruzbachy kupele Ruzbachy kupele Ruzbachy
Region: Presov
Tourist Region: Spis

Vysne Ruzbachy lies on the eastern slopes of the Spisska Magura hills, in view of the Belianske Tatry and the High Tatra mountains, which form a magnificent backdrop to its pretty scenery. The kupele, which is situated on the outskirts of the little town of the same name, at the edge of the pine forests, is surrounded by a large park.
Vysne Ruzbachy kupele treats nervous disorders, occupational diseases and problems with blood pressure.

The kupele originated in the 15th century, but it saw is heyday at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. This is also reflected in its architekture. Nowadays the surroundings of the kupele are devoted entirely to recreation, and the biggest travertine pool with thermal water in the whole of Slovakia can be found here. There are 14 thermal springs altogether in the kupele grounds. The swimming pool is very pleasent and it has the attraction of a miniature island with an enoumous tree almost in the centre of the pool.

For many years Vysne Ruzbachy has been frequented by sculptors from all over the world. They have carved over 70 travertine sculptures here during international sculpture symposiums. The first such event fook place in 1965 and it has gradually become a popular and world-famous tradition. The thermal swimming pool in summer, the well-equipped ski slopes in winter, the proximity of the Spisska Magura, Belianske Tatry and Higt Tatra mountains for hikers and skiers, for lovers of historical and religious monuments the nearby towns of Levoca and Spisska Nova Ves - all these are additional attractions for visitors to the enchantingly beautiful setting of the small, but picturesque kupele which Vysne Ruzbachy can without doubt claim to be.

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City: Strbske pleso
District: Poprad kupele Strbske pleso  kupele Strbske pleso  kupele Strbske pleso
Region: Presov
Tourist Region:Vysoke Tatry

The climatic kupele of Strbske Pleso is situated in the stunningly beautiful natural setting of the only high mountains in the whole of the Carpathian range - the Vysoke Tatry (High Tatras). It is at the same time the most important and highest located tourist centre for hikers and lovers of winter sports and it has a large number of hotels, restaurants, sporting and other facilities.

Its height of 1355m above sea level and the beneficial effect of the widespread pine forests make Strbske Pleso an ideal place for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory organs. The sanatoriums beside the moraine lake of Strbske Pleso offer a very good standard of service and the newly reconstructed sanatorium Solisko will satisfy even the most exacting guests. The large sanatorium Helios offers ideal conditions for the treatment not only of adults, but children and adolescents from 3 -18 years. The kupele is recommended mainly for bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergic diseases, especially in children. The modern balneotherapeutic facilities and the latest medical procedures, including inhalations, electro- and hydro-therapy, medicaments and diets, bring an improvement of health to everyone who comes to this beautiful corner of Slovakia. The climate itself is used as therapy, with breathing exercises outdoors and long walks along well-kept paths around the lake, as well as easy hiking trips through the Tatra valleys.

The guests' stay in the kupele is made even more pleasant by the regular concerts and performances by artists and folklore ensembles from the surrounding regions. A variety of sporting events organised in the Areal snov sports complex, specially built for the World Skiing Championships, make a welcome change, especially in the winter season.Other Tatra resorts that are frequent destinations for trips include Stary Smokovec and Tatranska Lomnica and there are also the picturesque nearby regions of Spis and Liptov.

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City: Novy Smokovec
District: Poprad Novy Smokovec Novy Smokovec Novy Smokovec
Region: Presov
Tourist Region: Vysoke Tatry

liecba: choroby latkovej vymeny a zliaz s vnutornou sekreciou, netuberkulozne choroby dychacích ciest, choroby z povolania

kupele Novy Smokovec patria medzi najstarsie v strednej Europe. Lezia na upätí Slavkovskeho stítu v nadmorskej vyske 1018 m. Ponukaju ubytovanie rozdelene do dvoch kategorií, standard a nadstandard. Liecebne ucinky vysokohorskeho prostredia, vysoka odborna uroveň kupeľnej liecby, ale aj tiche a pokojne prostredie ich predurcuju k straveniu príjemnej dovolenky, s mnozstvom liecebnych procedur. kupele Novy Smokovec ponukaju mnozstvo sportovych aktivít na voľny cas.

City: Bardejov
District: Bardejov Bardejovske kupele Bardejovske kupele Bardejovske kupele
Region: Presov
Tourist Region: Saris

The historical medieval town Bardejov gave its name to the kupele situated nearby in the northernmost part of the Saris region, not far from the Polish border. It is known as Bardejov kupele. As early as 1247, when the Hungarian king, Belo IV. gave the territory of the present-day kupele to the town of Bardejov, the healing properties of the waters and springs to be found here were known far and wide, although the first mention of them in existing records dates back only to 1505.

The kupele lies six kilometres north of Bardejov and is surrounded by the picturesque forests of the Ondavske vrchoviny (Ondava Highlands). It came into existence on account of the 17 curative, naturally carbonated cold mineral springs to be found there, which are of an alkaline, salty, ferrous and acidulous nature. Their chemical composition makes it possible to use them for a wide range of purposes. The curative properties of the mineral waters and the pure air pervaded with the scent of resin from the coniferous forests provide favorable conditions for the treatment of patients with disorders of the digestive organs, certain respiratory diseases as well as some other illnesses involving the metabolism and glands with internal secretion. The main methods of treatment are the drinking and inhalation of the local mineral waters.

A stay in this part of Slovakia guarantees good medical treatment, active recreation, an opportunity to see something new and to have an enjoyable time. Accommodation in the traditional sanatoriums and villas, mostly dating from the 19th century, or in the new, luxuriously furnished sanatorium, Ozon, will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

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