SLOVAKIA, litlle big country
Slovakia is a fabulous country. Fresh nature, magical historic sights, cordial people, traditional music or Slovak gastronomy makes your stay in Slovakia wonderful. Country small by its size, but big by its beauty...
 Slovak nature
More than 40% of Slovakian landscape is covered by wood. If you would like to spend a romantic and peaceful holiday, the Slovak mountains are perfect choice for you. You can find nine national parks in Slovakia, which offers you a virgin nature, fresh air, wild animals or fabulous caves.more >>
 Slovak sights
Explore Slovak magic history! Historical town centres, woodden folk architecture and over 3000 castles, chateaux, manors waiting for your discovery... more >>
 Slovak gastronomy
“Bryndzové halušky”, the potato dumplings with tasty sheep cheese and bit of bacon. Dear visitor, please enjoy this specialty in traditional Slovak restaurant called “Salaš”. Take a strong spirit “Slivovica” as the aperitif and finish your diner by Slovak wine or traditional Slovak beer. Bon apetit! more >>
 Slovak spas
This litlle country is blessed by 1300 of hot mineral springs. Slovak mineral water brings pleasure, prevention and recovery. Are you stressed and need some rest? No problem, than. Just sit, relax and enjoy! more >>
 Slovak ski resorts
Beautiful Slovakian mountains offer many occasions for ski. Cosy and also well equipped Slovakian ski resorts, provide a great environment for your winter holiday, no matter if you are a very beginner or advanced skier. more >>
 Slovak swimming places
Slovak nature offers many choices, how te get cool in hot summer months. You could enjoy your stay in Slovak dams, or clear lakes. Do you want to swim outside, in winter? No worries, lets join one of the Slovak aquaparks supplied by hot thermal water. more >>
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